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Our Portable Stoves are build with the adventurer in mind.

The Backpack Stove was designed to be an ultra-portable, lightweight companion on all adventures. Designed around providing a cooking surface for one individual, the backpack stove offers an elegant way to cook food and supply warmth.

  • The Backpack Stove is Available in two material types: 304 Stainless steel and unfinished Mild Steel.
  • Available in three stove sizes (Find: Travel Stove Lite, Travel Stove)
  • Fully contains fire on all sides for a safer cooking experience
  • Breaks down and packs into a single unit for compact transport
  • Robust 16GA mild steel or 304 stainless resists warping and wear and tear
  • Precision CNC Laser Cut components mean perfect fit
  • Approximate 6″X6″ size is perfect for a burger, small pot, or other food and cookware.
  • Weighs approximately 3 pounds.

When it comes to adventure, simple and functional is key. The Backpack Stove is for those who explore and experience our natural world.


Built for exploration and adventure.

The Backpack Stove is the smallest version of our portable stoves. It is built specifically to be lightweight and minimalistic in nature. Although it is simple, it is packed with features. A few of the notable features are:

  • Small 6″X6″x6″ footprint when assembled
  • When packed the BPS takes up a VERY small footprint.
  • Tool-Less assembly creates a rigid interlocked stove
  • Stainless Steel Slats and Stainless Cook Top are standard for BOTH Models.
  • Optional Stainless Upgrade for the sides, front and rear, and bottom.
  • Includes Stainless Fork, Stainless Spatula, and Stainless hook tool
The Backpack Stove is built to get you out into the wilderness and provide a means for cooking and warmth.

Laser Cut Components, easy assembly, unique elegant design are all traits of this portable stove. The BPS is packed with the same features as the Travel Stove and Travel Stove Lite in a smaller footprint. The BPS is designed to be packable and transportable through any terrain and condition.

The backpack stove is built to take you to the next levels of your adventure.

Backpack Stove Size 6″W X 6″ L X 6″ H
Material Bare Mild Steel or 304 Stainles
Weight Approximately 3 Pounds
Hardware Included? Yes
Tools Required? No
Material Thickness 16 GA Steel



  • What size portable stove is best for my needs?
    • Answer: That depends on the end use, but to boil it down: The Backpack Stove is for a single person that needs the most portable stove in our lineup. The Travel Stove Lite is meant for vehicle transportation. The Travel stove (the largest of the three) was really designed with vehicle travel in mind. For multiple people looking for a compact stove, the Travel Stove MAY be the better option. It comes down to your end use and the size needed to accomplish your mission.
  • How much does the Backpack Stove Weigh?
    • Answer: The Backpack Stove weighs approximately 3 pounds fully assembled.
  • Is the Backpack Stove Manufactured in the US?
    • Answer: Yes! Our products are produced in SE Pennsylvania. Made with care, built for adventure.
  • Stainless Steel or Mild Steel?
    • Answer: Yes! Ok, seriously: It really depends on the end user’s preference. Stainless does have some unique cooking considerations and requires a bit more finesse. Mild steel can be treated much like cast iron. It needs seasoned and well cared for to avoid rusting. Stainless will avoid the rust and corrosion. Stainless does come at a higher price point, but its resistance to rusting and corrosion may be worth it depending on your needs.
    • The Mild Steel will rust over time unless treated. For folks looking to avoid Patina, we recommend a high heat resistant spray paint on NON-COOKING surfaces. Cooking surfaces should be seasoned and kept out of rain or moisture to avoid rusting.
    • Stainless steel will not corrode like the mild steel, but it will discolor over time depending on heat introduced. This is normal.
  • What is the expected lifespan of the Backpack Stove?
    • Answer: Everything has a service life. With that being said, under normal conditions the Backpack stove is designed for many, many years of use. For most people, this stove will last their lifetime if cared for properly. Lifespan will depend on the conditions in your area, the fire size and heat introduced to the firebox, and how the firebox is cared for over time.
  • Will the Backpack Stove Warp?
    • Answer: It is normal for steel to see some movement when heated extremely hot. However, the backpack stove is designed in such a way as to limit or eliminate entirely the warping from heat. The interlocked design creates a very rigid stove that resists even extremely hot fires. We do recommend keeping fires reasonable and only adding enough wood in order to cook successfully.
  • Can the portable stoves be used during burn bans?
    • Answer: That will entirely depend on your location and local laws. We would recommend researching your local burn ban laws prior to purchasing this product as it may not be legal to use in your area. The Portable Stoves ARE designed to fully contain your fire so they MAY meet requirements for use even during certain fire bans. This will vary and it is your responsibility to do your research. Always be safe with fire!
A Few Other Considerations Before Purchasing:

1.) Campfires CAN be dangerous. If is your responsibility to create fires responsibly and to follow your local laws and guidelines in your area

2.) The metal sides and bottom of our portable stoves and its accessories will get VERY hot during use. Serious burns can occur if used improperly. NEVER light fires around unattended children.

3.) Our Portable Stoves have multiple pieces and components. Be careful to not lose any pieces during transportation and setup.

4.) Never burn plastics, foam, or anything but wood or charcoal. Plastics release toxic chemicals that can stick to the metal for some time, releasing gross gasses that are unhealthy. Wood or charcoal only.

5.) Treat the portable stoves like any other pan or cooking ware. Cooking surfaces MUST always be clean and free of rust or old food. Clean cooking surfaces with warm water and dish soap.

6.) If you have ANY questions or concerns at all, discontinue use and contact us with questions at

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