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Family. Nature. Tribe.

A Commitment to Family, Nature, & Tribe.

Our lives are busy and our worlds can often be extremely fast paced. We all know that it is important to return to nature, to gather with our tribe and family, to exist in the natural world. Yet for many, we never take the time to actually experience the world outside of our patterns. Our team at Landtyrn exists to offer experience and to return to nature and tribe. Our name is significant in many ways and the symbol of landtyrn has equal meaning. Fire is rejuvenating, it renews. It is peaceful, yet strong. The image of flame brings people to a special place. Fire emits light, shows the path. It provides warmth and comfort. While we do MUCH more than create ways to enjoy fire, the symbol of a flame encompasses much of what we do. The name Landtyrn is a play on that fire. Turn back to the Land. Become one with Nature.



We want to do life well. In all things we strive to have an impact on our world. We deeply desire to see families spending time in nature, hiking, exploring, or sitting around a fire sharing laughs and memories. We know how easy it is to get buried in the chaos of our world. We believe it’s time to put down our phones and return to a simpler way of experiencing our families and our world, even if it is for just a moment. We believe we do life well when we:

– Take intentional pauses from our normal cycles
– Experience our world and nature
– Create Legacy Products that help people refresh
– Pay attention to the details, who we are, what we do, what we eat, how we exist


Inside our walls our team is encourage to create intentional Rhythms. We believe that by being intentional and purposeful we can experience a better life. Purpose is important and everyone desires to have a purpose. Being intentional with our time and energy is an important aspect of that purpose.


Families are the foundation of good community. Through the products and media we create we encourage families to become closer. We believe that time spent with family is time spent investing in your most important members of your tribe.


As we build our families we know it is also important to build our Tribe. Tribes are not always just blood relatives. Your Tribe is your entire community. We believe that each of us can impact the world around us in a positive way. We do this by engaging with our Tribe, sharing experiences, caring for and caring about each other and the lives we live.


Our team believes that we should be good stewards in all things and take responsibility for how we experience our world. We do this by living as an example but also through our media and educational content.

Landtyrn is a team and company that deeply cares about each other and those in our community.

We exist to create experiences for our community and families. We desire to see our nation return to natural experiences, to see the world, and to spend time with our families and tribes within nature. Nothing beats crisp mountain air, the smell of pine trees, the feel of dark soil under the soles of our shoes. Returning to nature is a recharge of the soul. We are driven to encourage a new movement back to nature.