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Travel Stove Replacement Bottom




Our portable stoves are designed for transportation. Because of this, you might eventually find that you have lost a component. The bottom is extremely stout, but it is possible to lose or damage it over time.

In the event that your bottom for the Travel Stove is lost or damaged, simply order this piece to get your stove back into action.


This kit includes a bottom plate for the Travel Stove. Note: No hardware for the Travel Stove is included with this bottom piece.


Keep Your Travel Stove In Service With Proper Maintenance

Most users will never need to replace anything for their Travel Stove. It is built with high quality materials and the lockup design resists most warping and wear and tear. With that being said, we do recognize that occasionally our customers will misplace or damage components.

This Kit Will Replace Your Portable Stoves Bottom Plate

This bottom plate is specifically for the Travel Stove. It will not work with our other portable stoves.

Bottom Plates Are Available In Stainless And Mild Steel

The bottom plate can be purchased in either stainless steel or mild steel. You can choose whichever material you would like, regardless of what material your original portable stove is.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) Will this bottom kit work with other portable stoves? Answer: No. This slat kit is ONLY for the Travel Stove. This will not work for the Travel Stove Lite or Backpack Stove.

2.) Which material should I buy? Answer: It really doesn’t matter as a replacement part. If you already have a stainless portable stove, we would recommend getting stainless again. If you have a mild steel portable stove, there is no reason you couldn’t get the stainless bottom if you would like.

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