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Nomad Outdoor Oven – Landtyrn


Lead Time on this product: 2 - 4 Weeks (Built to Order)


The Nomad Outdoor Oven is built to accent any patio or outdoor location.

The Nomad Oven is a highly capable and visually aesthetic addition to your outdoor spaces. Cooking over an open flame produces some of the most richly flavored foods and dishes one could ever experience. The Nomad Oven further binds each of us to nature and our world.

A few notable features of the Nomad Oven:
  • Tall 20″ legs keep the cooking height comfortable
  • Height is perfect for campfire/camping chairs
  • 10 GA wall and leg construction, 3/16″ base construction, and 16 GA Oven top are rugged and long lasting
  • Tool-Less assembly and disassembly
  • Use the Oven Top when needed, or remove and enjoy an open fire
  • Includes (2) skillets: perfect for breakfast, steaks or pizzas
  • Available in Mild Steel or 304 2B finish Stainless Steel
  • Perfect for Pizzas!

The Nomad Oven was built for those who desire to experience nature in a unique and intimate way. Gather the family, stack with some hard wood, and enjoy the crackle of the fire.


The Nomad Outdoor Oven is a no-compromise outdoor cooking tool for those who love nature.

What is better than cooking over an open flame? Nothing. There is nothing that compares to the way hard woods will pull flavor from food. The Nomad Oven is extremely versatile, easy to set up and designed to be a legacy product. Grab the Nomad Oven in mild steel if you like the Patina look, grab stainless if you prefer the look of 304.

Use as an oven, use as a fire pit, use as a flat top skillet.

The Nomad Oven fills many roles. We designed it to be versatile. No matter what needs cooking, the Nomad Oven is there to serve. Add the Nomad Outdoor Oven to Any outdoor space to create an aesthetic and functional aura.

A few notable features of the Nomad Outdoor Oven:
  • Completely Tool-Less assembly and disassembly
  • Laser Cut steel is clean and cut for perfect fitment every time
  • Heavy materials are a balance of easy setup and long life
  • Available in Mild Steel and Stainless Steel
  • Cook top can be removed to expose a double skillet cook surface
  • Double Skillets can be removed to simply enjoy an open flame

This product is a legacy product built right here in the Keystone State to exacting standards. Family time is priceless. The Nomad Oven is built for bonding and quality time.

Approximate Size 24″W X 24″ L X 32″ H
Door Opening Fits 14″ Pizza Crusts
Weight Aproximately 75 Pounds
Hardware Included? Yes
Tools Required? No
Oven Hood Thickness 16 GA Steel
Firebox Wall Thickness 10 GA Steel
Firebox Leg thickness 10 GA Steel
Bottom Thickness 3/16″ Steel



  • Will the Nomad Oven Rust? 
    • Answer: In the mild steel version it will. Some people LOVE the look of weathered metal. We certainly do! But if that isn’t your style, consider upgrading to 304 Stainless Steel. Another option is high heat spray paint. Coating your Nomad Oven with high heat paint BEFORE its first use will prevent nearly all corrosion and rust. Keep in mind: ONLY paint non-cooking surfaces. Nobody likes steaks cooked over spray painted metal.
  • Which Material is better: Mild Steel or Stainless? 
    • Answer: This really depends on your cooking style. Mild steel is most definitely easier to cook on. Stainless steel, however, does have obvious advantages in terms of corrosion resistance. Mild steel can be treated much like cast iron. It should be seasoned during the first 1-3 times a fire is lit. Re-Seasoning will also be important to keep cooking surfaces from surface rusting.
  • What is the expected life of the Nomad Oven?
    • Answer: Many companies operate under something called planned obsolescence. We don’t operate like this. Our mission is to create legacy products. If you take care of the Nomad Oven, it will service you for a lifetime of use. While everything has a life span, we built this product for the long haul. 10 years from now… you will be asking yourself why you didn’t get one sooner.
  • What is the setup process like? 
    • Answer: Setting up is as simple as connecting the four legs together, placing the bottom onto the legs, installing the sides, skillets, and then ultimately the cook top (when needed)
  • Are there any special considerations? 
    • Answer: Keep in mind ALL fires are hot. The ENTIRE Nomad Oven WILL BE HOT during use. ALWAYS assume it is hot. Keep children and pets away from the nomad oven AT ALL TIMES.
  • How does the Nomad Oven Ship? 
    • Answer: We ship the Nomad Oven via ground shipping in multiple boxes.
A Few Other Considerations Before Purchasing:

1.) Campfires CAN be dangerous. If is your responsibility to create fires responsibly and to follow your local laws and guidelines in your area

2.) The metal sides and bottom of our Nomad Oven and its accessories will get VERY hot during use. Serious burns can occur if used improperly. NEVER light fires around unattended children.

3.) Our Nomad Ovens have multiple pieces and components. Be careful to not lose any pieces during transportation and setup.

4.) Never burn plastics, foam, or anything but wood or charcoal. Plastics release toxic chemicals that can stick to the metal for some time, releasing gross gasses that are unhealthy. Wood or charcoal only.

5.) Treat the Nomad Oven like any other pan or cooking ware. Cooking surfaces MUST always be clean and free of rust or old food. Clean cooking surfaces with warm water and dish soap.

6.) If you have ANY questions or concerns at all, discontinue use and contact us with questions at

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