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Portable Stove Stainless Steel Spatula


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While our portable stoves are designed for a lifetime of use, sometimes parts get misplaced or misused. This Spatula is a direct replacement for our portable stoves. This Spatula will work for all three variants of our portable stoves. Many people might want to consider adding more spatulas if more than 1 or 2 people will be using the stove.

  • 16 GA steel like the factory forks
  • Stainless Steel to resist corrosion
  • Does not include hardware (If replacement stove hardware is needed, click HERE)

If your portable stove has met its life span, it might be time to order another one. Shop our full line of stoves HERE.

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Portable Stove Spatula:

The Portable Stove Spatula is a direct replacement for our portable stoves (All Models). If yours is lost or damaged, then it is time to get another one on its way. This Spatula is manufactured from 16GA 304 stainless steel. No hardware is included unless added separately. Keep your portable stove up and running by replacing main components that may be worn or lost/damaged from years of use.

If you need a completely new stove, shop our entire line HERE.

Compatible stove model: All Models
Material 304 Stainless
Weight Approximately .10 Pounds
Hardware Included? No
Tools Required? No
Material Thickness 16 GA Steel



  • Which stove does this Spatula work with? 
    • Answer: This replacement spatula works and is compatible with all THREE variants of portable stoves (Backpack Stove, Travel Stove, Travel Stove Lite)
  • What is included with this replacement Spatula? 
    • Answer: The only thing included with this purchase is the Spatula itself. If hardware or other parts are needed, they must be added separately into your shopping cart.
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