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Landtyrn Camp Shovel

  • November 23, 2022
  • By jared
The Landtyrn Camp Shovel

So you have a shovel that you use around the house for all kinds of things and replace it about every year after it gets left out in the rain once or twice and the wood rots and snaps. Or worse, you feel a burning sensation in your hand right before catching a glimpse of a hundred tiny splinters followed by an explosion as your shovel goes limp dropping whatever you were moving in a pile. Now you have a mess to clean up and microscopic glass shrapnel all over your arms. It’s a good thing you didn’t even try to use that shovel to cut through the roots or loosen the rocks in the ground. Introducing the Landtyrn Camp Shovel.

Camp Shovel

This shovel is made entirely out of METAL, you know, that stuff that comes out of the ground. The stuff forged into things that can actually handle repeated stress year after year. It is the strangest thing. We created this miraculous device that is actually capable of what you would expect it to do! It’s small enough and light enough to bring on camping trips with you and yet durable enough to dig through any terrain and last until…. well, you will probably be able to pass this shovel down to your grandkids.

camp shovel

Comes with a Sheath and Warranty

Our Camp Shovel ships with a sheath to cover the spade end. This protects the coating from the elements. It is normal for the powder coat to chip off of the head exposing the steal to the environment. We supply you with the means to keep it covered and slow down the aging process. Your shovel will age slower! So will you, having been saved the stress of your tools failing you when you need them most. On top of that we warrantee our shovel for a lifetime. See details in the product page.

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