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Appetency for Unity

  • November 23, 2022
  • By Josh Watterud
The Problem

Whether it is imposed by some outer force or simply just a part of human nature, one thing is very apparent. We are amid a great divide. There are plenty of things to get worked up over and it seems easy and just downright seductive to succumb to the idea of comparing ourselves with every person we encounter. Even easier to do so with people we never encounter. Being socially distant causes a funny psychological phenomenon. This can lead to class wars if we are not careful.

It seems rare, but every once in a while, we encounter someone who is just downright genuine and exudes security, peace and acceptance. The strange thing is that there are people who, when they encounter such a person, think to themselves “this person must be wealthy and have not a care in the world”. Then there are people who think, “this person must have gone through some tough times, he must really know what it is like to have nothing”.

An objective look at reality

The irony to this is that they can both be correct assumptions. The reason is that class really has NOTHING to do with character. So then, why is it so easy to draw conclusions such as “All rich people are this way” and “All poor people are that way”? What does it even mean to be rich or poor?!

The word “Luxury” has a certain stigma associated with it that triggers shame in one class and poise in another. A car is either an asset or a liability depending on the weight limit. Weird… It almost seems like there may be something we don’t want to talk about that lingers in the back of our minds causing us to form opinions about other people based on their outward appearance, especially if we have never met this person or had any kind of meaningful conversation with them. What is it that causes us to have such hysteria? What is the source of this cognitive dissonance?

The Solution

What is the thing that says there are different classes of human beings and seems to take from the have-nots and allow assuagement to the enlightened ones who have? Is there a reason for which we encourage such division? Like the reputation of a highly paid lawyer, the devil’s in the details. It is time to turn away from the beast that is corporate society and the class wars that surround them. Let’s reform our mindset. Time to turn back to FAMILY. NATURE. TRIBE.

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