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Built To Last

  • November 23, 2022
  • By Josh Watterud
We are on a mission

One thing you will notice about everything we make is that we pride ourselves on products built to last. We have a mission. To bring families back together, build culture, and strengthen our community in every way we can. You may have noticed that little tag at the bottom of our page that says “Building Up US Manufacturing”. This is directly in line with our mission. One byproduct of successfully accomplishing our mission is that it will make us, as a people, stronger.

As a culture, we have given into to immediate pleasure and cheap gains over multiple generations. This has resulted in normal people creating high demand for big manufacturers to create cheap products quick and in massive quantities in order to drive “re-sell value”. It has become an ideology, a deeply engrained mentality, that long lasting products is “bad business”. On the consumer side, things that last longer are considered “luxuries” for poor people and “investments” for the upper class. Don’t get me started on the class wars.

Plan for a remedy

This idea is largely being called Planned Obsolescence. Many leaders of every industry brag about this “feature” to their resellers and partners. All kinds of manufacturers from phones to home appliances, clothing developers to strap makers, and everything in between. They have created an art out of figuring out how to make the components, in the items you use every day, last a specific amount of time. You will have to buy an entire new washer machine because no one makes that patented gasket which is the only thing wrong with your appliance (at first). This is where we provide hope for a remedy.

No more partaking in the game that is planned obsolescence. We will only make products that are built to last as long as you have them. We provide the replacements for any parts that may become compromised at an affordable cost. No more cussing at the dirt because your shovel handle broke and left fiberglass shrapnel all over your hands and arms.

It is time to be intentional with the products we buy and provide. It’s time for a change in what is expected from society. Let’s start bring real value to the table rather than just taking what we need to get by and feel good.

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