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Campfire Cooking Grate – Nomad



Campfires are awesome, but cooking over a campfire is even better.

This Campfire Cooking Grate is compatible with our Nomad Lite and Nomad Fireboxes. This component is an amazing addition to the Nomad line of fireboxes, especially if cooking is at the top of your list. Cooking over a fire can sometimes be intimidating, but our Grate makes it easy.

Two materials, both high value for our customers

The Campfire Cooking Grates are available in either 7 GA Mild Steel or 7 GA Stainless Steel. Either option interfaces the same and brings a very large working area for cooking to our Nomad Fireboxes.

Which one should you choose?

Mild steel is a lower priced grate, so it is a great fit for anyone who occasionally cooks and wants to keep to a lower initial investment price. The Stainless Steel grate is more expensive, but if you find yourself cooking often, it might be the better option. Stainless will resist corrosion and will clean easier over time. Stainless also creates a beautifully discolored look over time naturally.

Please Note: The Cooking Grate covers HALF of a Nomad or Nomad Lite Firebox. If you want FULL coverage, purchase TWO grates. Another option is half grate, half skillet. Our Nomad Skillet can be found HERE.


Campfire Cooking Made Easier

The Campfire Cooking Grate is designed to make campfire cooking easy. Campfires trigger memories, they bring warmth and family together. Cooking over a campfire is a more primitive way to reconnect with the world around us. Our Nomad Fireboxes bring families together.

Function, Form, and Ease of Use

The Campfire Cooking Grate lays into the recesses on the sides of our Nomad Fireboxes. This creates a secure fit that can be installed without the need for tools. Integrated into the grate are handles for setting up and cleaning after the grate has cooled. This grate covers HALF of a Nomad or Nomad Lite Firebox. For people looking for full coverage, simply purchase TWO cooking grates. Another amazing option is using a skillet on half and a grate on the other half. Our Campfire Cooking Skillets can be found HERE.

Safe usage and storage

Users should ALWAYS keep in mind that fires are hot. Always assume the grate is hot and ALWAYS keep children away from fires. Fires are a force of beauty but also can be dangerous if mishandled. Operate all fires with care, use your head, and enjoy the experience.

If you need a complete firebox, find our Nomad Fireboxes HERE.

Approximate Size 14″W X 28″ L
Material 7GA Stainless or Mild Steel
Weight Approximately 8 Pounds/ Half



  • Is The Nomad and its accessories Manufactured In The US?
    • Answer: Yes! Our products are produced in SE Pennsylvania. Made with care, built for adventure.
  • Stainless Steel Or Mild Steel?
    • Answer: Yes! Ok, seriously: It really depends on the end user’s preference. Stainless does have some unique cooking considerations and requires a bit more finesse. Mild steel can be treated much like cast iron. It needs seasoned and well cared for to avoid rusting. Stainless will avoid the rust and corrosion. Stainless does come at a higher price point, but its resistance to rusting and corrosion may be worth it depending on your needs.
    • The Mild Steel will rust over time unless treated. For folks looking to avoid Patina, we recommend a high heat resistant spray paint on NON-COOKING surfaces. Cooking surfaces should be seasoned and kept out of rain or moisture to avoid rusting.
    • Stainless steel will not corrode like the mild steel, but it will discolor over time depending on heat introduced. This is normal.
  • What Is The Expected Lifespan Of The Nomad Firebox?
    • Answer: Everything has a service life. With that being said, under normal conditions the Nomad is designed for many, many years of use. For some people, this firebox will last their lifetime if cared for properly. Lifespan will depend on the conditions in your area, the fire size and heat introduced to the firebox, and how the firebox is cared for over time.
  • Will The Nomad Firebox or accessories Warp?
    • Answer: During the first use of the Nomad, it is normal to see the steel “relax”. We recommend your first fire being a “Break in” fire. Keep it to a small/medium size fire, let it get to hot coals, then let it go out. After the first break-in the nomad should not flex much during use. The bottom is the most prone to heat input, so we include a brace with hardware to add an extra layer of defense against warping.
  • Cooking Grate VS Skillet:
    • Answer: Both are amazing choices. The Skillet is really great for breakfast foods or steaks, burgers, and much more. The Grate is amazing as well. If you want that smoky flavor, cook over the grate and allow the flames to do their part. We offer the grate and skillet in stainless or mild steel. Choose whichever is best for you.
A Few Other Considerations Before Purchasing:

1.) Campfires CAN be dangerous. If is your responsibility to create fires responsibly and to follow your local laws and guidelines in your area

2.) The metal sides and bottom of the Nomad and its accessories will get VERY hot during use. Serious burns can occur if used improperly. NEVER light fires around unattended children.

3.) The Nomad is fairly heavy. Be careful when assembling or disassembling the firebox.

4.) Never burn plastics, foam, or anything but wood or charcoal. Plastics release toxic chemicals that can stick to the metal for some time, releasing gross gasses that are unhealthy. Wood or charcoal only.

5.) Treat the firebox like any other pan or cooking ware. Cooking surfaces MUST always be clean and free of rust or old food. Clean cooking surfaces with warm water and dish soap.

6.) If you have ANY questions or concerns at all, discontinue use and contact us with questions at

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