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Travel Stove Lite Slats




Our portable stoves are designed for transportation. Because of this, you might eventually find that you have lost a component. The slats are fairly small and if you aren’t careful they can…walk off in the wilderness.

In the event that you are missing one or more of your slats, or your slats are damaged from years of hard use, purchase a set and get your stove back into action.


The Travel Stove Lite stove consists of FOUR slats. They are nearly identical lengths and look very similar, but each set of two is slightly different in how they interlock. This kit includes all four slats to provide some maintenance to your portable stove. Please note: This slat kit does NOT include any hardware for your portable Travel Stove Lite.


Keep Your Travel Stove Lite In Service With Proper Maintenance

Travel Stove Lite Slats hold the entire product together. Most users will never need to replace anything for their Travel Stove Lite. It is built with high quality materials and the lockup design resists most warping and wear and tear. With that being said, we do recognize that occasionally our customers will misplace or damage components. This is most likely with the slats. This is the smallest component of the Travel Stove Lite, and it is easy to lose a slat, especially in the darkness.

This Kit Will Replace All Slats Found On The Travel Stove Lite

This slat kit is specifically for the Travel Stove Lite. The Travel Stove Lite comes with four slats, which look similar, but are different, than the ones found with the Travel Stove. The larger stoves feature FOUR slats. To know which stove you have, count the slats that came with it. If you count four, it is either the Travel Stove Lite or Travel Stove. You can tell the difference between the two as the Travel Stove has two longer slats than the Travel Stove Lite.

Slat Kits Are Only Available In Stainless Steel

We ship our portable stoves ONLY with stainless slats. There was never an option for mild steel for this component. No need to debate what material will be best for your needs. Stainless is the option for this part.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) Will this slat kit work with other portable stoves? Answer: No. This slat kit is ONLY for the Travel Stove Lite. This will not work for the Travel Stove or Backpack Stove.

2.) Can I buy just individual slats? Answer: Unfortunately, no. We produce these in finished sets for a few reasons. The largest is to avoid customer confusion. The slats ALL look so very similar, but often are very different. We wanted to avoid confusion and risk of ordering incorrect parts. The other reason is efficiency and material usage. We want to be good stewards of our resources. It is far more efficient for us to produce matching sets than to produce one offs.

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